June 14, 2024

How to Grow Feminized Cannabis Seeds Outdoors

One of the best ways to harvest quality and quantity when it comes to growing cannabis is by following our advice with feminised seeds. Read on to know more!
Most seed banks have feminized cannabis seeds, and many seeds can be grown outdoors unless the manufacturer specifies otherwise. By using Feminized Cannabis Seeds you can ensure that your female plants produce the most sprouted and most planted cannabis seeds. Ordinary seeds, on the other hand, produce both male and female cannabis plants and require more work to grow.

How to Choose Outdoor Feminized Cannabis Seeds

These days, you can buy high quality feminized cannabis seeds that are easy to grow. These seeds can ensure a decent harvest at an affordable price considering the additional cost of obtaining high-quality cannabis from pharmacies or other means. There are certain factors to keep in mind when choosing the right feminized seeds for outdoor cultivation.

Size of deformation

Feminized cannabis strains grown outdoors can grow fairly large and produce high yields if given enough time and proper care to grow. Sativa-dominant strains tend to be much larger and taller than indica-dominant strains.

If a small space, such as a balcony, requires careful transformation, make sure that the transformation does not become too large. You can always train, prune, plant later or plant autoflowering seeds as long as height and discretion are not an issue. These last ones produce higher yields and slightly lower quality than the feminized light-dependent strains.

Germinated seeds

Germination involves the transformation of seeds from inactive to seedlings. Depending on the seed, germination conditions, storage method and seed condition, it may take longer than 24 hours or up to 7 days for seeds to germinate.