June 14, 2024

Cannabis Delivery: What You Need to Know Before You Begin

One of the most popular innovations in the cannabis industry has been driven by customer preferences for e-commerce browsing and delivery options. The cannabis retailer known as the dispensary immediately realized that meeting customer expectations and expanding its customer base beyond the in-store experience meant a lot. A simple technology could enable individually operated clinics and multi-state operators to add cannabis delivery as a service.

What is Cannabis Delivery?

Home delivery of cannabis is one way to ensure you receive your product quickly. Los Angeles Cannabis Delivery companies allow you to shop from the comfort of your home without leaving your home. Some companies even deliver their products directly to your doorstep, so you don’t have to go anywhere.

The best thing about cannabis delivery services is that they offer a wide range of products that you won’t find at retail pharmacies. Additionally, many cannabis delivery services offer discounts to new customers, allowing them to try out new brands or products before committing to additional purchases.

One downside to having your product shipped to you instead of picking it up in person is that you won’t know exactly what you’re getting until your order arrives at your doorstep. However, some local governments may have specific regulations about where cannabis can be delivered.

This has forced some clinics to get more creative with their commerce strategies. It has been reported that 44% of medical marijuana users regularly use delivery to obtain cannabis. High There is data indicating that cannabis delivery is the fastest-growing commercial stream in cannabis. So while the idea may seem new, the proven success of cannabis delivery is not.

Cannabis delivery services are on the rise, but clinics must still review whether delivery is suitable for them. Not every clinic is ready to increase staff, add software, and spend a lot of capital.

Is cannabis delivery right for your clinic?

It’s a good idea to research what delivery might be like at your clinic before you start. What are the customer requirements that create this demand? What does your target market look like? Who are the people using cannabis delivery in your area? Questions like these will help you paint a vivid picture of how shipping fits your customer and business needs, so let’s look at each one.

market understanding

Study the market. Consider the location of your clinic and the customers you serve. Are there medical cannabis users who do not have easy access to a clinic? Clinics with both medical and recreational customers are likely to have larger customer bases, which usually means more people prefer them or, in some cases, have to ship cannabis products. Think in terms of logistics as well. Can the clinic support 2-3 delivery vehicles? Need to hire more drivers and dispatchers? Each clinic’s needs are different, but you need to consider how adding shipping to your business model will fill the gap and potentially expand your customer base as well as get the right team members for the job.


Many clinics have found it useful to limit deliveries beyond 30 minutes by establishing geographic boundaries. One of the best ways to investigate this “perimeter system” is to use customer information, data, and feedback to measure how far customers travel with each visit. It’s also essential to study your competition and reach. Are there any unserved neighborhoods or clinic deserts in your area? Use this information to get a feel for how quickly deliveries can happen and how often they can help you build and defend your business.

Obtaining a cannabis delivery license

It’s no secret that cannabis compliance and permitting can be daunting, haphazard, and confusing. However, it is necessary to work to create a successful operation that can now serve twice as many customers in a larger geographic area, for example. Each state has different laws about how cannabis is delivered. Currently, only 14 states allow medical or recreational cannabis delivery. State-by-state rules are evolving and we look forward to seeing this market open. That is, delivery powers are predicted to increase both in actual and in new states and locations.

Driver safety and insurance

Also, consider the cost of insurance for each vehicle and driver. Choose an insurance policy that covers accidents, break-ins, and roadside services. It can be costly if you have insurance, but it can be costly without it. Cover all bases, and choose something that is safer and not cheaper.

Once the system is in place, the pros can outweigh the cons by a mile, as the system is automated, contributes to growth, and delights customers. The market will continue to expand and become more open. This will invite a new competitor to the industry, so for already established clinics, now is the time to implement the cannabis delivery model.

Choose the suitable transfer software

Once you understand your local cannabis shipping laws, ensure that shipping is acceptable and your customers (and potentially a wider customer base are seeking this option), and you are ready to manage this new channel, it is time to license it. and deliver transport. What happens next is the most important part of legal cannabis delivery: choosing the right software. Streamlining shipping with a powerful cannabis POS that can integrate well with your cannabis delivery service will help you grow your business and automate customer basket size and order growth.

Creating a Successful Cannabis Delivery Business

You can start a successful cannabis delivery business with trusted and efficient partners POS and Onfleet for delivery. Invite new customers who prefer delivery, increase shopping cart size, and give options to customers who love the selection.